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The Manufactured Beiber Freaks [01 Apr 2011|03:18pm]
On the Facebook news feed One Direction posted this picture and asked their beloved fans to write a caption underneath it for their little caption competition. NB I am a One Direction FOE not fan but my caption is underneath.

That's Louis Tomlinson leaving the band for a solo career or being kicked out the band and asked to go another direction. You manufactured beiber freaks would disband before you hit puberty or attempt your first cum shot in a bucket
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Random Glenn Beck sentiment [15 Mar 2011|01:02pm]
[ mood | full ]

I am Glenn Beck's number one fan....for harassment

When Coach Buzzcut asked Butthead to kick him in the jimmy just to prove what a real man he is, if you did the same to Glenn Beck he would cry like a baby if wet his own jumbo size douche bag.

I wanna see a Celebrity Death Match between Coach Buzzcut and Glenn Beck.

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Savage Thriller [14 Mar 2011|01:09am]
[ mood | awake ]

Michael Savage speaking on the radio is like a man raping you against your will just so he can give you aids for the fun of it, he makes your ears bleed.

Now I am not an obsessed hard core Michael Jackson fan, but you have to say he made some good music!

In this clips he verbalizes how insanity has spread over the United States after Michael Jackson has died. It's ok if he doesn't care but this man has no taste in popular culture. He feels that if there is order in society then sanity and morale prevails, in this instance disorder is the death of Michael Jackson that is the disorder that has spread across America causing insanity. In the end downgrading the influence and charisma Michael Jackson had on so many people, realizing he was nothing but a talentless schmuck if comparing his achievements to someone who has cured polio or saved the world. It's impossible to make an analogy based on musical achievements and to someone who finds a cure to disease.

Your telling me 65 million people who bought this record are of 'low intelligence' but Michael Savage isn't no matter how many PHD's this cock has got. Who the fuck is he to define on what makes a person magnificent and objectify it? I hope a herd of fox's march over and maul this bitch over till he's a stain in carpet. When Michael Savage is on his death bed he probably be a victim of necrophilia

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Fugly Fox [09 Mar 2011|08:47pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Megan Fox looks like a case study photo or patient ready to enter an anorexia rehabilitation program

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The Sheer Monstrosity [25 Feb 2011|11:05pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

That dudes underwear has to be a Snuggie manufactured by JML

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The Jedi.....Fatso? [25 Feb 2011|10:40pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Fatty cracker weight watchers slacker dude here seems to enjoy himself waving around a stick manifesting the jedi light saber moves. When REALISTICALLY he looks like a deranged lunatic in direct combat with thin air.

Or maybe he stole a blind man's white cane or maybe he is the blind man thinking his white cane is a light saber. Or quite possibly his new fitness dvd?!

I bet you thats the only exercise he will ever do in his life.

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The impromptu conversion to livejournal [18 Feb 2011|10:55pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

The Vixen Memoirs is now LIVE on livejournal, why? Because Tumblr is currently being raped by hipsters and scene queens and I cannot be tagged under or even share the same bandwidth as those low lives. Most of them consist of having only 2% body fat or wearing dead animals as piece of vanity/hair piece, or 'found in the trash can' ballerina skirt. They dress and look like TRAMPS. Ted Williams is more chic and respectable than the two subcultures combined.

If you take a measly peek on a random selection of blogs on there, it's just photography, 'don't fuck with hello kitty', 'i love hello kitty', owl drenched entries. It lacks detail, depth and denotation. At most cases, typography or any form of font or text used is obsolete, are these people illiterate? They are the antonym of articulateness and the synonym to '$hit'

I for one was at the midst of typing essays under the name of free-association writing so Tumblr is now an anathema in my books.

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TURN THAT SHIT UP [14 Jul 2010|12:02am]
the official vixen memoirs blog is thevixenmemoirs.tumblr.com this livejournal is dead so please do the courtesy of fucking off and never coming back.
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Testing..... [13 Jul 2010|11:38pm]
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Seek vengence, runaway or persue debauchary. A soliloquy/blank verse [19 May 2010|11:56pm]
Ahhh my spontanous disposition is like a fire burning deep within the gates of hell, like molten lava erupting on course exploding ashes of creativity.....another random blank verse poem or soliloquy I wrote. Enjoy

Seek vengence, runaway or persue debauchary. A soliloquy/blank verse

The gratuitous effort I put in for you? I get shit bestowed upon me in return, There is a necessity to seek avengence and broadcast to the whole what you have done.I want to plot revenge so badly but then once I do, the consequences will be unchangeable it will become a memory once it leaves the present path to take the road to the past. It then becomes painful because it remains in your conciousness forever.

Conversely speaking, what happens if taking the highway to vindictiveness will still cure the pain ? Providing you won't forgive but forget without having any regrets?

The dilemma is overbearing, I might as well run like forest gump and never stop, disappear into the wilderness and only to reappear once my soul as returned.

My superego is still scathed by the dark mist of sadness! Prohibition is outlawed on my lands
and abstinence ceases! Should I let debauchery prevail in order to deal with it until the glow in my persona shines again, blinding the eyes of many who fall within my aura,
I will comeback." -

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